Gruenspan Hamburg

Gruenspan Hamburg

Gruenspan Hamburg

The music club was founded in 1968 on Große Freiheit in St. Pauli and has since been an integral part of Hamburg’s cultural scene. The building is located at the corner of Simon von Utrecht Straße and can accommodate approximately 800 guests.

The history of the building is as eventful as that of Gruenspan itself. It dates back to the late 19th century when Große Freiheit 58 was built as a “dance hall” and later gained fame under the name “Palmengarten”. In the following decades, the building was converted several times, including into a hippodrome, a public bath, and a cinema, until the legendary opening week of Gruenspan was celebrated in 1968. From 1995 to 2014, the building underwent extensive restoration, and with its rustic ambiance, columns, and gallery, it offers one of the most beautiful and atmospheric locations in the city.

Gruenspan has primarily established itself as a live club. Countless stars such as Bryan Adams, Linkin Park, and Alice In Chains have delivered legendary performances at Gruenspan. In particular, the 1998 Rockpalast concert by R.E.M. is an integral part of Hamburg’s music history. Ten years earlier, there was a snowball fight between Bryan Adams and some members of Nirvana at the front door. Since its inception, Gruenspan has also provided a stage for emerging bands and the stars of tomorrow. After all, live music is the soul of Gruenspan. Whether it’s concerts, corporate events, club nights, Christmas parties, conferences, or weddings, Gruenspan offers the best opportunities for any type of event.

Possible Events

  • Company party
  • Christmas party
  • Summer party
  • Sales meeting
  • Product presentation
  • Award ceremony
  • Conference
  • Congress
  • Weddings
  • Film production
  • Photoshoot


  • Capacity for up to 950 guests
  • 550 m² guest area
  • Fixed and professional lighting and sound system available
  • Large installed stage 12m x 6.5m
  • Historic ambiance with beautifully decorated columns, unique gallery, and rustic charm
  • Located in the heart of St. Pauli
  • 3 artist dressing rooms and 1 production office
  • Good public transportation connections


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