Roadshow Catering
in and around Hamburg
with a taste that suits the target group

Good collaboration for your company in and around Hamburg. You will be accompanied by exciting culinary experiences that connect people and brands. That would be our short version for all who are looking for a partner for their roadshow catering in Hamburg and the surrounding area. We are Traiteur Wille – caterers with over 30 years of experience. We provide fine contemporary culinary art, are full of ideas, and open to new things. We look forward to going on the road with you.

  • 30 years of catering experience
  • Regional products
  • Suitable concepts for your brand
  • Vegetarian and vegan variety
  • Homemade delicacies
  • Food Journeys for all themes

Customer experience means catering couture

At Traiteur Wille, we not only know what great spots there are here in Hamburg and throughout the north – we also have a keen sense for target-group-specific culinary ideas. Not only because we’ve been in the business for over 30 years, but especially because we have this soft spot for contemporary culinary art. As caterers, we accompany small and large events, work for start-ups as well as big names, and create culinary concepts for brand appearances or get-togethers. As different as every event is, our job is always the same: at Traiteur Wille, we value individuality and customising an experience suitable for the people who have something to celebrate. Therefore,  for us a customer experience means catering couture. We provide tailor-made fine culinary art to ensure a successful celebration. And that’s exactly what we do with our roadshow catering. Culinary art that suits the brand and the people who are enthusiastic about it. Whether a field show, POS promotion, guerrilla marketing, trade fair or festival presence – we make sure that the culinary performance is just right.


Roadshow catering in and around Hamburg à la Traiteur Wille

Roadshow Catering in und um Hamburg à la Traiteur Wille

Our creations

Food Journeys take your customers on a journey together.

At Traiteur Wille, we have always been curious about the world. Many things inspire us on our travels. We discover new ideas for the kitchen and get valuable impulses for the different events we accompany. We also get to know many people for whom and with whom we enjoy working. Together, we share a sense for fine food and exciting creations. After all, contemporary culinary art has a lot to offer worldwide. That’s why Traiteur Wille offers regional specialties, international discoveries as well as fusion food that connects continents. This is our passion and we use it to create culinary concepts for your roadshow catering. We provide culinary creations that fit your brand, the location and occasion of the event and, of course, the topics for which you want to inspire your customers and take them on the journey together.

  • 30 years of catering experience
  • Contemporary culinary ideas
  • Roadshow concepts with USP
  • Individual Food Journeys

We are Traiteur Wille

Since 1989, Traiteur Wille has been working for people and companies, accompanying them at celebrations in Hamburg and throughout Germany. It all started on our premises in Winterhude. Today we have a fully grown network with great partners, with whom we have designed many events and offer exciting event locations. You can also rent our own bistro (hyperlink) for your celebration.

Make an appointment now and request a personal offer for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, we provide culinary creations tailor-made to fit your occasion. We accompany you to all locations and offer the complete service for small and large events. Whether you want exciting culinary experiences for your guests in the open air, for example with a food truck, open kitchen and or bar, or culinary in-house experience stations – we are happy to be there. In addition, with our partners from various industries and trades, we can cover numerous tasks requested on your side. This makes us very flexible. We work modularly and individually to provide you with a transparent offer in which everything that is necessary is taken into account.

Preferably, of course, in person and together with you. On site or during a virtual simulation, processes and ideas become more visible and comprehensible. However, we are also happy to discuss all details and timelines for your planned roadshow on the phone, via video call or chat. We are here to point out if something cannot be done as desired at the corresponding location or in the desired form, and to look for an alternative solution. You receive a realistic overall concept so that your event runs as planned from start to finish.

We can do indoor as well as outdoor, and plan accordingly while adapting all processes to it. Whether it’s an event in a large square, in front of a large hall, in the middle of the city or on the beach – roadshow catering can go anywhere as long as it’s somewhere we can get to. Traiteur Wille can be booked for pretty much any location – in and around Hamburg as well as throughout Germany.

We are quite spontaneous and flexible, but we would like to offer you the best service. Usually, bookings at Traiteur Wille are possible up to 48 hours before the start of the event, but due to seasonal schedules and potential expenses to your planned event, we recommend a booking for roadshow catering with advance notice in order to schedule and plan your event perfectly.

Of course. At Traiteur Wille, there is fine cuisine for lovers of traditional dishes, regional and international gourmets, friends of fish or meat, and also for those who prefer vegetarian or vegan dishes. We are open to all culinary directions, want people to enjoy our fine food and have a good time together as part of your roadshow. We are also happy to accommodate special requests that take into account intolerances of gluten or lactose, for example.

Quality connects and is the essence of our brad we are happy to share

At Traiteur Wille we accompany elegant celebrations, great private parties, exclusive business events and exciting road shows. Regardless of the size of the event, we rely on the best quality products when creating our culinary ideas – a belief that carries a long tradition with us. We know our suppliers and the producers of our fresh products and enjoy working with them. More importantly, we share the same vision that quality is not only something you can taste and see, but that is something you should also support from behind. Sustainable business and fine dining go together beautifully. This is also something we are very happy to share with our clients and their guests. Catering Couture à la Traiteur Wille.

Culinary mobile marketing without artificial flavors

Roadshow catering not only needs good timing, but also a feel for the occasion and the people who will be there. We have many ideas for this. From culinary classics to rock ‘n’ roll to avant-garde, we can do it all. We offer burgers with our signature salmon or currywurst with surprising dressings. We also offer fine finger foods such as saffron crêpe with Parma ham and arugula crème or as a vegetarian version of wholemeal hazelnut crêpe with Mediterranean mushroom filling. It can be rustic directly from the grill or vegan refined in the form of our truffled celery tart.

We accompany your mobile marketing from appetizer to dessert, provide a quick espresso in between, as well as a long drink with or without alcohol for good conversations. Your customers will be inspired by our culinary variety and numerous taste experiences that are natural and without artificial flavors. This is an element of our image at Traiteur Wille. We look forward to showing you how we can perfectly bring your brand to the customer with our roadshow catering. However, we recommend that you contact us early for your roadshow catering, as we may already be on the road elsewhere.

Our roadshow catering - brand presence not only with hamburgers

In over three decades, one can come across many experiences, as well as many changes. We at Traiteur Wille know that pretty well. This has not harmed our work. On the contrary, a wealth of experience creates a depth of USP. And we have one for your roadshow, too. We not only deliver contemporary culinary creations, tailor-made ideas and personalized service – we also have a soft spot for sustainable values and good traditions. For example, we believe in keeping a long-standing partnership with the people who supply us with their fresh regional products. This is a belief we have always carried, even before the concept of regionality was not yet so marketable. Speaking of region and tradition, people also like to associate Roadshow Catering with food trucks and burgers. This versatile snack is said to have originated here in Hamburg. At that time, however, it was still called a warm round patty, which of course, is something we have to offer.

In addition to quite exciting hamburgers, there is a lot more in the culinary travel program at Traiteur Wille. In line with your roadshow, we offer numerous specialties, master BBQ, fusion, fine finger foods, varied buffets, as well as exciting theme menus. Regional and international, rustic and elegant, vegan and vegetarian. Catering couture for your brand.

Individual creations and teamwork with excellent partners

Food Truck, Street Kitchen, Experience Lab, Beach Bar or In-house Service – Traiteur Wille creates individual ideas that let people travel a culinary journey together. On request, we are happy to bring in additional services, excellent skills and a wealth of ideas from our network. We have great partners who support us with their know-how for light, sound and technology, have a fine nose for first-class wines and spirits or offer exclusive locations in Hamburg and the surrounding area. Depending on your needs, what you get from your roadshow with Traiteur Wille not only comes from Traiteur Wille, but additionally, our partners can help to expand the possibilities. By the way, this is not only in Hamburg and the north, but also throughout Germany.

Roadshow Catering from Hamburg Sprint to Germany Marathon

At Traiteur Wille we are open to new things, and to many new routes, too, of course. We know Hamburg and its diverse surroundings pretty well – we’re out and about every day between the Alster, the Elbe, the city and the port. Every now and then we still discover places in our own city that turn out to be new terrain. That’s pretty good because it makes our personal urban navigation system a little better every time. As a result, we are extremely road-savvy, know traffic jam timing, ideal shortcuts and routes. So, if you are planning several events for your roadshow at the same time, in precise slots on one day or consecutively during the week – we will complete perfect Hamburg sprints together with you. And we are also happy to go on longer journeys with you, right up to the big Germany marathon for your brand.