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Catering Hamburg for special events and celebrations

Every celebration has its own stage. Catering is the art of creating an experience. Through the perfect blend of culinary craftsmanship, creativity, and event organization. That’s how we’ve operated since our founding over 35 years ago. With joy, successful celebrations, and great partners in Hamburg, Kiel, and Bremen.

A peek behind the scenes

Experience unique celebrations and events. Let our service convince you: Browse through our videos, photos, and more.

Customized service for your event: Catering in Hamburg, Kiel, and Bremen

For over three decades, Traiteur Wille has been accompanying various events. Each time is different and a joy for us, especially for the people we work for, so they can celebrate as they wish. We are Traiteur Wille, committed to successful celebrations and fine culinary art.

Exclusive catering, family gatherings or fancy dinners

Gala or garden party, wedding or heavy metal concert: Each celebration, whether private, with family, or for your company, is as diverse as the people who come together. It’s a special experience that brings people together. Here’s where we chime in – as a leading provider of exceptional events and exclusive culinary creations. Some call it catering service. We prefer to call it an experience and a passion for fine cuisine and celebrations.
Since 1989, we have been conceptualizing new and spectacular ideas. At Traiteur Wille, we delight in creating a blend of traditional recipes and fresh ideas from international cuisine, alongside contemporary and pioneering events held in venues steeped in history. We also happily uphold certain traditions. Some things simply require time and knowledge to become truly unique.

Premium catering and party service with Traiteur Wille

At Traiteur Wille, we value harmony in all things. This includes the blend of tradition, experience, and openness to new ideas, particularly in our catering service. We prioritize longstanding partnerships and the trust that arises from them. This is why we rely on the people who supply us with fresh, regional ingredients for our exquisite dishes. We take pride in the culinary experiences that emerge from our kitchen, where we continually innovate contemporary catering concepts. Our compositions blend northern German traditions seamlessly with international influences.

As a cohesive team, we collaborate with our network partners to meticulously tailor events of any scale, drawing on our sensitivity and extensive experience to create memorable experiences. We look forward to meeting you and transforming your party or celebration into an unforgettable occasion with exclusive catering from Traiteur Wille in Hamburg.




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Catering service in Hamburg and the surrounding area with Traiteur Wille

For over 30 years, we have embarked on culinary journeys with our clients, planning and overseeing events of all kinds. Whether it’s private events or large gatherings and seminars for your company, at Traiteur Wille we create a variety of fine foods, unique dishes, and culinary variations tailored to your occasion. We offer bespoke service and business catering for events with character. At Traiteur Wille, we call this Catering Couture, and it’s always a celebration for us. We look forward to your inquiry for catering in Hamburg.

30 years catering experience

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At Traiteur Wille, we handle all your catering needs. Get to know our professional, dedicated, and creative team!

Frequently asked questions

Since 1989, we, as Hamburg caterers, have been accompanying people celebrating special occasions. It all started in our premises in Winterhude. Today, we have built a large network of great partners with whom we have organized many beautiful parties, events, company celebrations, and more. If you’d like to visit us, we would be happy to meet you at our bistro, which you can also rent for your own events. Quality is paramount to us, whether at the buffet with finger foods, on the grill, or when creating a menu. Every step, every service, and every aspect is meticulously controlled to ensure the success of all events, conferences, meetings, weddings, and family gatherings.

Certainly, first and foremost, fine cuisine tailored to your occasion. Regional specialties from the North, inspiring ideas from international cuisine, fusion foods from all continents, or vegetarian and vegan delights. At Traiteur Wille, we compose culinary experiences ranging from classic to avant-garde. This sets us apart from typical party services in Hamburg. With extensive experience, we plan and support fantastic celebrations of any size. Together with our partners, we also offer exciting event locations in many places.

Wherever people wish to celebrate with our culinary ideas. We offer our premium catering not only in the metropolitan region of Hamburg but also in Kiel and Bremen. We look forward to your inquiry and to planning your event together in a personalized manner.

You can reach us through the contact form on our website, by phone, or feel free to visit us in person. At Traiteur Wille, we are very flexible and enthusiastic about spontaneous ideas. However, we recommend that you contact us at least 48 hours before the start of your event to share your request with us. This way, we can provide you with appropriate advice and ensure that we cater to your preferred style, number of guests, and selection of dishes and sides effectively.

Of course. We want all your guests to feel comfortable. Just let us know your specific preferences. We are happy to create fine dishes for those who prefer vegetarian or vegan options or need to avoid certain ingredients in their meals. If you’re unsure, we can provide a culinary arrangement that accommodates all eventualities.

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