Caterer Seeks Wedding Planners in Hamburg to Partner With in Beautiful Celebrations

At Traiteur Wille we believe people who complement each other should also enjoy working together. Therefore, we are happy not only to make the people who celebrate their wedding happy, but also look forward to team up with those who take care of perfect weddings. Therefore, we are a catering service with a sense for fine culinary art and great service looking for wedding planners or wedding agencies in Hamburg with a passion for beautiful celebrations. We can meet gladly by phone, via mail or in person.

  • 30 years of catering experience
  • From delivery to full service
  • Exclusive locations for weddings
  • Vegetarian and vegan variety
  • Homemade delicacies
  • Individual culinary concepts

Wedding Planner and Traiteur Wille - Perfectly Matched Wedding Partners.

As a wedding planner, you hear great stories from people, plan unique celebrations as well as unforgettable moments, and create a sense of well-being and magic. We are similar, in that respect. For over 30 years we have been accompanying small and large celebrations, creating contemporary ideas in the kitchen, offering a comprehensive on-site service for beautiful celebrations not only in and around Hamburg but all throughout Germany. We also love working with people who complement us well and create great experiences together. If you, as a wedding planner also rely on great partners, we would be happy to show you how Traiteur Wille can support you in your work.

Catering Management à la Traiteur Wille

Our Creations

Tailor-made Catering Couture for Every Wedding.

We love beautiful celebrations and ideas that suit the people who are celebrating together. That’s why we at Traiteur Wille call it catering couture. We create fine food according to individual wishes, plan logistics down to the last detail and make sure that every guest feels comfortable. Individual tailor-made celebrations, which we are happy to design together with you as a wedding planner or wedding agency.

  • 30 years of catering experience
  • Individual arrangements of fine food
  • Wide range of services for wedding celebrations
  • Exclusive locations in and around Hamburg

We are Traiteur Wille

Since 1989, Traiteur Wille has been working for people and companies, accompanying them at celebrations in Hamburg and throughout Germany. It all started on our premises in Winterhude. Today we have a fully grown network with great partners, with whom we have designed many events and offer exciting event locations. You can also rent our own bistro for your celebration.

Make an Appointment and Request an Individual Offer for Your Event.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Traiteur Wille we are fast and flexible. Usually, an order can be placed up to 48 hours before the start of the event. However, as you know as a professional, weddings are especially subject to elaborate planning and high seasonal demand. We are often already fully booked, especially at these times, and therefore recommend that you contact us early.

Since we at Traiteur Wille also have a lot of experience with large events, weddings with a very large number of guests are not a problem for the catering.

As a long-standing caterer, we have already accompanied numerous events and have a large network of partners. This makes it possible for us to offer full service around the wedding celebration planned by you. From tableware and furniture to service at the table and at the bar to stage technology as well as set-up and dismantling. Bookable as a complete package or with the individual services you need.

Of course we do. In and around Hamburg we can offer numerous exciting locations for wedding celebrations with a smaller or larger number of guests. Whether directly at the water surrounded by beautiful landscape, in the middle of the city behind historical facade or with a grandiose view. We have locations that are easily accessible and mostly with sufficient parking space. We will be happy to show you the location that best suits the wedding you are planning.

Tastes are different and some ingredients are not well tolerated by individual guests. We are happy to fulfill such individual wishes. After all, we want all guests to feel comfortable at the wedding celebration and to enjoy time together in a relaxed manner.

Whether a Small Celebration or a Big Party - We Fulfill Individual Wishes.

The way two people want to arrange their wedding is a personal decision. Sometimes it is a celebration in a smaller circle, a lavish celebration or even a very big party. We accompany every wedding and are happy to adapt our catering to their respective wishes. Together with you as a wedding planner or wedding agency, we discuss the course of events, visit the location if you need an on-site service, or determine the exact time window when the catering should be delivered. We offer culinary ideas from small snacks to exclusive festive menus. Of course, we also create special highlights and surprises. This can be, for example, an extraordinary wedding cake, a special dish from the couple’s home country or an exotic ingredient that reminds them of their first vacation together. At Traiteur Wille we create fine dishes that suit the style of the wedding. We carry the same attitude with regards to our service around the celebration. Everything is individually tailored to each couple and their guests. Feel free to contact us, and let us know which of our services you need for your concept. We will be happy to show you the variety Traiteur Wille has to offer.

Each Wedding Has Its Own Plan and Professionals to Accompany It

Weddings have a long history at Traiteur Wille. For over 30 years we have been providing our services to couples celebrating their love together with friends and family. In the course of this time, many beautiful traditions have been preserved, while at the same time, newer styles of celebrations have been embraced. As a wedding planner you know how it goes and similarly work to fulfill wishes ranging from traditional to unconventional. You also know that every wedding has its own plan and individual wishes that want to be realized. Many small details are involved to ensure a perfect flow and magical moments. A wedding is a great task for wedding planners to fulfill every time with great passion, experience and professionalism.

That’s how we see it at Traiteur Wille. With Catering Couture and an individual range of services, we accompany small and large wedding celebrations in and around Hamburg as well as throughout Germany. Of course, this is not always possible alone. That’s why we have many professionals on board to support us: regional producers of fresh products, traders of exquisite wines and spirits, specialists for stage, light, sound, decoration, set-up and dismantling as well as partners with exciting locations for every wedding. We have a fully grown network that we rely on, and we will gladly support you as a wedding planner, according to your needs.

You Compose the Weddings - We Deliver the Culinary Creations

As a wedding planner or wedding agency in Hamburg, you take care of the overall composition of the celebratory union of two people. At Traiteur Wille, we work with you to ensure that the culinary accompaniment is also just right. In our kitchen we create individual fine arrangements that match the style of the wedding. Whether it’s a varied hall buffet, an elegant course menu, refined finger food or an open-air barbecue – we are masters of the various forms of presentation for wedding celebrations. And we love variety. At Traiteur Wille you will find traditional specialties of the North, international food creations or fusion food as a perfect combination of culinary worlds. We create individual ideas from amuse-gueule to midnight dessert, and can be quite classic or quite unconventional. Of course, Traiteur Wille also offers a variety of vegetarian as well as vegan taste experiences, in addition to, fish and meat. Likewise, we take into account wishes of guests who want to enjoy specially prepared dishes due to certain intolerances. Individual Catering Couture à la Traiteur Wille. Matching your wedding composition.

We Have a lot in Common With Wedding Planners - Including a Sense for New Ideas and Many Good Traditions.

When we discuss the choreography of the planned celebration with wedding planners, we always notice how many good and unusual ideas they come up with for couples. And although we, as experienced caterers, have seen and experienced a lot, we too are still learning when it comes to weddings. That is something we value in the Traiteur Wille team: we are open to new things and also hold on to many good traditions. These are two qualities we are happy to share.

Quality From the Region - This is Also a Tradition With Us.

We rely on regional products of the best quality. This is a tradition at Traiteur Wille. We have known our suppliers as well as the producers of our fresh products for a long time and enjoy working with them. We share the attitude that quality is not only something you can taste and see, but also that we should support those who are behind it. Of course, we hope you prefer to celebrate with Catering Couture à la Traiteur Wille.