Wedding Catering Hamburg With Traiteur Wille

The decision to unite with someone and partner through all the moments of life. Every couple has very personal reasons to celebrate a marriage. Whether classical or unconventional – we design and accompany your celebration. With fine culinary art, individual service and suitable locations. Wedding catering in and around Hamburg with Traiteur Wille. Catering couture for people who have something special to celebrate together.

  • 30 years of catering experience
  • Regional products
  • Complete planning and service
  • Vegetarian and vegan variety
  • Homemade delicacies
  • Individual culinary concepts

How Do We Design the Catering for Your Wedding Reception?

Most certainly unique. After all, it is your celebration and it is your ideas on how you want to celebrate with your guests. If you wish, we can deliver your individual catering arrangement to the location of your choice or design your entire celebration. Together with you, we plan the culinary highlights, show you our great wedding locations in and around Hamburg, take care of the set-up as well as provide excellent and individual service on site. At Traiteur Wille we create regional specialties from the north and compose exciting vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as fusion food that blends cultures and regions. We support you in your wedding planning, discuss all the procedures and the many details that need to be taken into account. If you wish, we will also take care of the wedding decor – furniture, tableware and decoration. We look forward to making your wedding the most beautiful day of your life. We are Traiteur Wille – wedding catering with love for fine food, individual details and great celebrations.

Wedding Catering à la Traiteur Wille

Our Creations

We Love Weddings - Because Each One is a Personal Celebration.

At Traiteur Wille, we have been privileged to witness many great weddings. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful new task each time. We enjoy getting to know the people who are celebrating this extraordinary day together and learning about their story. As such, our team creates culinary experiences and takes care of all the details that make this day a unique celebration.

  • 30 years of catering experience
  • Selection for vegetarians and vegans
  • Regional products
  • Customized wedding locations

We are Traiteur Wille

Since 1989, Traiteur Wille has been working for people and companies, accompanying them at celebrations in Hamburg and throughout Germany. It all started on our premises in Winterhude. Today we have a fully grown network with great partners, with whom we have designed many events and offer exciting event locations. You can also rent our own bistro for your celebration.

Make an Appointment and Request an Individualized Offer for Your Wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Very personal and with a lot of experience. We accompany celebrations of any type and size. We consider every wedding a great celebration, of which we design individually. In the first meeting we will discuss all the details. Then, you will receive an offer from us that fits your wishes, takes into account special features and transparently illustrates all costs. We will visit your chosen wedding location with you and discuss the procedures and desired ambience. If you do not yet have a location for your celebration: In and around Hamburg we offer exciting exclusive locations for different numbers of people.

Normally, our customers can order their catering from us up to 48 hours before the start of the event. However, weddings are not events. They are beautiful personal celebrations and there are many important details involved. Thus, we would request you contact us as early as possible in order to take our time together planning this. There is also high seasonal demand, especially with wedding celebrations. After all, we want you to be relaxed and looking forward to your celebration, great guests and the perfect location. The day itself is exciting enough. However, if you are in a hurry with your wedding, you are of course welcome to contact us as well. For love, we will give everything and try to make even the impossible, possible.

Of course we do. At Traiteur Wille we are equipped for both small and large wedding celebrations. Therefore, you can also ask us for tableware, glasses, tables, chairs and decorations. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you with service for your guests on site.

Of course. At Traiteur Wille there is fine cuisine for lovers of traditional dishes, regional and international gourmets, friends of fish or meat and of course, for all those who prefer vegetarian or vegan dishes. We are open to all culinary directions and want people to spend a good time together, especially while eating. Of course, we can also adjust to special requests in the kitchen, which take into account, for example, intolerances of gluten or lactose.

A Bond for All Time - a Celebration for All Who Are There.

When two people commit to each other for a life time of moments together, this has a special magic. As service providers and attendants of the celebration in the background, we also experience this while family and friends celebrate together. At Traiteur Wille, we are long-time wedding professionals, yet every time, we are profoundly moved by how much love each couple has for each other and their great stories and events that led two lives to become one. It can happen that during a celebration, people’s hearts are deeply touched, even within our own team. These are also beautiful reasons why we love our job doing weddings.

We see ourselves not only as mere attendants in the background, providing fine food, smooth processes and inspiring ideas. We are also consultants and designers who make sure that every detail is just right, individual wishes are fulfilled and the focus is on what matters at a wedding: a feeling of well-being for the couple and their guests, great conversations and moments on a very special day that are shared together in joy. That is what we are here for. Wedding Catering à la Traiteur Wille. Catering Couture – tailor-made for your own personalized celebration of love.

Full Service Catering is Available at Traiteur Wille for Occasions of any Size

Ideas on how you want to celebrate can be well designed based on where you want to celebrate. If you already have your own wedding location, take photos or videos of each room as well as outdoor areas like the garden or terrace. This will help us visualize flows and ideas for later. Likewise, if you want to rent one of our locations in Hamburg or the surrounding area, we will do that for you. If you wish, we can show you everything in person on site or take you along via video or live chat.

At your wedding reception you, as a couple, are the star and host at the same time. In order to enjoy every moment, play the day out from a guest’s point of view. For example, who goes particularly well with whom to create the most ideal table seating? Where should the bar be for relaxed conversations and where will there be exuberant dancing? Additionally, such details as accessibility are important in order to be mindful of guests who are less able to walk and to be able to provide access everywhere for them without restrictions. Together with our network of great partners, we offer individual ideas and suitable solutions.

The Most Beautiful Day in Your Life Consists of Many Details

A wedding is, for many people, the most beautiful day in their lives. At Traiteur Wille, we are happy to play a part in making it happen. Before the actual celebration, couples usually have numerous things to do. And despite the best organization, sometimes a detail is forgotten. When we talk together about the planned catering, it is not only about the appropriate food and drinks or the service on site. At Traiteur Wille we like to plan 360 degrees, so that it will be a successful celebration for everyone. From experience, here’s a little tip before our first consultation: make a short to-do list of what you want. At the top, write down the items that are most important to you, and below that, the things with lower priority. In addition, keep a separate field for everything that you are not quite sure yet. That way you keep everything in perspective and we can contribute good ideas or point out what might still be missing.