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Traiteur Wille and Liberté Hamburg, a matter close to the heart.

The LIBERTÉ Hamburg is arguably one of the true insider tips in Hamburg. It’s hard to get more Hamburg than this. Our exclusive partnership is defined not only by the extraordinary ambiance of this French bistro in the middle of the Hamburg Harbor, where it takes place, or just the quality of service and cuisine. It’s a combination of many subtleties. For instance, the exclusively high-quality products that are artisanally processed and refined in our kitchen, making it possible to cater for larger celebrations with Catering Couture at LIBERTÉ.

Maritime freedom with maximum flair – that’s LIBERTÉ Hamburg. Here, your guests will experience Hamburg from an unparalleled 360° perspective. Because this special place is not just close to the water – it’s a party-loving beauty right on top and in the midst of it all.

Thanks to its unique location on the pier at the famous Altona Fish Market, where goods have been traded for over 300 years, LIBERTÉ is the perfect spot to witness the spectacular happenings on the harbor’s event stage from the front row. Whether enjoying the outdoors right by the water or inside in a relaxed-elegant ambiance, LIBERTÉ offers a premium panoramic view of ships, container terminals, and cranes at any time, including the Elbphilharmonie and Dock 11, Europe’s largest floating dock. Not to forget the historic jetty, which leads from the fish auction hall to the pontoon – whether with or without a red carpet, it’s already a fantastic entrance.

le ponton noir location von aussen

le ponton noir bar

Where fishermen once directly promoted their freshly caught goods from their boats, LIBERTÉ has found its permanent mooring spot. A floating and at the same time serene design object made of wood and steel with large sliding glass doors – a reminiscence of the gates of the old harbor warehouses. Inside, LIBERTÉ is a fascinating overall composition with numerous details: Black walls and tiles, noble brass plates and leather benches, as well as charming bistro furniture and finely curated accessories create an extraordinary maritime club atmosphere with a French flair.

LIBERTÉ is suitable for any private or business event with up to 130 guests and ready for all celebrations right on and- on the water. LIBERTÉ – long live the freedom of the seas and the pleasure of celebrating together.

If you want to learn more about LIBERTÉ in Hamburg, we look forward to your call.


A special highlight of the exclusive location on the water is that LIBERTÉ can charmingly be reached by barge and harbor ferry, which dock directly in front of the door.

Yet, being centrally located at the Hamburg Fish Market pier, it is also very accessible by car (parking available), S-Bahn and U-Bahn, bus, and of course, taxi.

le ponton noir innenraum

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